Play Polo

Declo, Idaho


Play Polo

There’s no better place for you to play polo this summer than our brand new polo resort at 6S Ranch. Here at Cotterel Polo Farms, we have three polo fields, exercise track, and modern, comfortable lodging for our players and their equine teammates. After all, it is the sport of kings. Treat yourself and the rest of your organization to a facility fit for polo royalty.

Where you choose to play your next polo season will have an impact on how the season goes. Play at a facility that is built with the player in mind. We welcome half and whole teams, and the team sponsors make all the decisions on level of play, practice and game days.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We want you to play as hard as you can next season, and we understand all the hard work that goes into a successful polo team. At Cotterel Polo Farms, you have access to a brand new exercise track where you and your horse can build the stamina and strength of mind to become a formidable opponent on the polo field. Make every chukker better than the last by constantly challenging yourself and every member of your team.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a polo newbie or a veteran player. When you come to Cotterel Polo Farms ready to work hard, you’ll end the season a far stronger player than you were for your first match. Talk to us about your league’s level when you book your games with us; we’re a facility equipped to provide a quality experience for players and teams of all levels.

Beyond our brand new facility and meticulously maintained playing fields, what sets us apart is that you can do more than just play here – you can stay here in our on-site lodging so you won’t have to waste a moment traveling to or from the fields next summer. Instead, travel to Declo, Idaho once and spend your summer in our beautiful mountain surroundings.


Play at Cotterel Polo Farms
this Summer

At Cotterel Polo Farms, all your club has to do is show up and have fun. We take care of everything else, from booking your stay to making sure everybody in your team, human and horse, is comfortable and has everything they need. Call us today to learn more about our summer schedule and pricing. We want to make your next polo season your best season yet!